BELOW are some samples of video CONTENT I CREATED FOR INSTYLE’s SOCIAL PLATFORMS. These are the Facebook & Instagram videos you catch yourself bingeing without even realizing it. enjoy!





This video is my most viewed work to date. With 255K views I hope one day I can create something else that holds the same weight as Kim K talking about her fitness tricks (pun intended).



As a Canadian, I immediately felt the political divide when I moved to New York.  When making this video about the President and First Lady, I was told not to make any comments regarding Meliania's looks meaning I could not say “she looks stunning or beautiful”. It could only be a basic video that featured photos but not political stance whatsoever.


Interesting to compare this video of Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime Minister to previous Melania & Trump video.

























Chrissy Teigen & her family are adorable!




























Love that this film had an amazing female director, Patty Jenkins! In its opening weekend it grossed $100.5m in the US alone. Jenkins now holds the record for the biggest US open by a female director, beating the previous $85.2m set by Fifty Shades of Grey Sam Taylor-Johnson.




She does not age. 






I wouldn't call it "newsworthy", but still cute. 




Before I die I have to see Ed Sheeran live in concert! Someone, anyone, if you have tickets please contact me!! I'm serious! 





The clip of Miley dancing at the beginning makes this video.