BELOW are some samples of video CONTENT I CREATED FOR INSTYLE’s SOCIAL PLATFORMS based on their existing trending articles.

These are the Facebook & Instagram videos you catch yourself bingeing. enjoy!





This video is my most viewed work to date. With 255K views I hope one day I can create something else that holds the same weight as Kim K talking about her fitness tricks (pun intended).



As a Canadian, I immediately felt the political divide when I moved to New York.  When making this video about the President and First Lady, I was told not to comment on Meliania's looks i.e I could not say “she looks stunning or beautiful”. It could only be a video that featured photos with no political stance whatsoever.


Interesting to compare this video of Justin Trudeau the Canadian Prime Minister.




















































Love that this film had an amazing female director, Patty Jenkins! In its opening weekend it grossed $100.5m in the US alone. Jenkins now holds the record for the biggest US open by a female director.