Sammy Paul "Professional Filmmaking on YouTube"

On Episode 9 of JAW CAST, we talk to British filmmaker Sammy Paul. His work primarily lives on his YouTube channel where he has over 130 thousand subscribers and counting.

His films have also been screened at the British Film Institute and Buffer Festival.

Sammy created his channel on 24th August 2010. His first uploads were a mockumentary called BonBonBon - The Truth Hurts.

He created his second channel What I'm Doing Now in 2011, on which upon were posted two short 'series': "VideoShoeBox " and "PMS".

He has also worked on a number of projects with other UK filmmakers such as Bertie Gilbert, Tim Hautekiet and Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell.

Sammy also creates music videos viewed by millions for notable artists such as Dodie and Orla Gartland.

He is smart, insightful and above all kind. This is a must listen and an interview I learned a lot from. I hope you enjoy it.