Genecia Alluora "How to build a successful online business"

On this weeks episode of JAW CAST I chatted with Genecia Alluora.

Genecia is former Miss Singapore and Southeast Asia Woman of Excellence. She is the Founder of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 female entrepreneur network in Southeast Asia that connects more than 200k women across the region, with presence in 7 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The Soul Rich Woman network helps women build their brand and online reputation for more customers, confidence, and credibility — while making a positive impact in the world. Prior to this, she was an owner of a cafe retail chain with presence in 3 countries and successfully exited to a public listed company.

Genecia talks about what it is like to run your own business and dives deep into why her organization is so important for women in South East Asia.


Brooke Mason "Girlboss but most of all Team Player"

On this weeks episode of JAW CAST we sit down with Brooke Mason.

Unafraid and un-intimidated by change, Brooke Mason reflects everything the creative industry aspires to be: diverse, principled, restlessly innovative and personally interwoven with the complex cultures marketers have consistently struggled to understand. Breaking through barriers, this self-made entrepreneur prides herself on running a creative agency with a mission to help women succeed. She is effecting change and impacting her industry with groundbreaking ideas. Brooke’s goal is establish equivalency among businesses. This year 2019, Brooke Mason creative became a Certified Woman Owned Business.


Lee Broda "What it takes to have a balanced career"

This week on JAW Cast we sit down with the talented Lee Broda. Lee is a celebrated actor, producer, and writer. At the age of 27, she founded LB Entertainment, which develops, finances, and produces major independent films. The company has now gone on to produce over 30 feature films, including Michael Almereyda’s Experimenter (starring Peter Sarsgaard and Winona Ryder); The Trust (Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood); The Forgiven (Forest Whitaker, Eric Bana). LB Entertainment’s films have premiered at the world’s top film festivals including Sundance, Venice, Toronto, Tribeca, SXSW, BFI, and New York Film Festival. 

Additionally, Lee is the founder of Women Creating Change, an organization that bridges, empowers, and creates opportunities for female writers, directors, producers, and actors from the Middle East.

With years of experience working in the Hollywood entertainment industry, she has now turned her attention to writing. Her new book Whispers From The Moon is out now and available on Amazon.

Lee opens up about everything from how she’s been able to maintain a stable career in Hollywood to what her morning routine for success is, leaving you guaranteed to feel inspired after listening to this weeks episode! 

Sammy Paul "Professional Filmmaking on YouTube"

On Episode 9 of JAW CAST, we talk to British filmmaker Sammy Paul. His work primarily lives on his YouTube channel where he has over 130 thousand subscribers and counting.

His films have also been screened at the British Film Institute and Buffer Festival.

Sammy created his channel on 24th August 2010. His first uploads were a mockumentary called BonBonBon - The Truth Hurts.

He created his second channel What I'm Doing Now in 2011, on which upon were posted two short 'series': "VideoShoeBox " and "PMS".

He has also worked on a number of projects with other UK filmmakers such as Bertie Gilbert, Tim Hautekiet and Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell.

Sammy also creates music videos viewed by millions for notable artists such as Dodie and Orla Gartland.

He is smart, insightful and above all kind. This is a must listen and an interview I learned a lot from. I hope you enjoy it.



Kat Webber "Editor, Director & Female Empowerment"

Episode 8 of JAW CAST we feature editor and director Kat Webber. You may know her from editing some of your favorite music videos such as Drake’s Nice for What, In My Feelings and I’m Upset as well as Garden by SZA and Jay Rock’s Tap out.  

After years of editing international broadcast campaigns, feature films & award-winning music videos, she’s studied the process from the inside out. Before editing, Kat graduated with a BFA in Acting from York University. 

This training provides her a unique vernacular with her talent and a familiarity with a performer’s process. She is not only a fantastic artist but an extremely kind human with a unique editing process which is sure to provide her with a long lasting career free from burnout! I hope you enjoy listening to this half as much as I enjoyed recording it. 



Kristi Storoschuk "The Ketogenic Diet"

Episode 7 of JAW CAST we talk to Kristi Storoschuk about living a ketogenic lifestyle and how working online has allowed her the freedom to travel the world.

Growing up with a passion for health and nutrition, she decided to jump head first into researching the ketogenic diet after graduating from the University of Guelph.

She now communicates the science behind the ketogenic diet for multiple platforms and works alongside some of the most brilliant scientists in the field. While she admits she is no expert, and still has a lot more to learn, she walks the walk and has gathered some great advice and tips to living a realistic ketogenic lifestyle, one that's not just bacon and butter.



Annie Farkus "Living at 1600 Vine home to Hollywoods Social Media Stars"

Episode 6 of JAW CAST Annie Farkus talks about living at 1600 Vine as someone who is not in the social media industry. She provides an excellent perspective on this environment and has great suggestions for up in coming YouTubers who want to get into this space. She shares interesting moments and talks about why she ultimately made the choice to move out of the building. Stars that have lived here include Logan Paul and Jake Paul, Amanda Cerny, Juanpa Zurita, Lele Pons and Andrew Bachelor, known as King Bach.

437 SWIMWEAR co founders talk Influencer Marketing "Do's, Don'ts & What Works"

Episode 3 of JAW Cast, 437 co-founders Hyla Nayeri and Adrien Bettio talk about what it was like to start their swimwear company at the ages of 21. As two 5’3” girls with bodies far from the model-type (their words not mine), Hyla and Adrien wanted to create suits that would look good on all body types. After winning a pitch competition, they had a small amount of startup capital to gain traction. However, things really started to take off when they learned how to properly use influencer marketing to their advantage, check out the podcast to learn more.